Cultivate was a branding project assigned to me in college. Because of my newfound experience with household plants and learning how to care for them, I wanted to make a brand of plant maintenance products that I would want to buy from the store for my plants. Initially I wanted to take a really abstract modern art approach, but it proved too ambitious for the scope given so I soldiered on with the concept of a combination plant maintenance and home decoration brand. It’s like Fiestaware for plants, sans the uranium.

In the end I feel like I made a fully realized brand universe solely of my creation and I’m pretty satisfied with that.

From the Branding Standards and Guidelines:

“Cultivate is a combination indoor plant maintenance and decor company in Ann Arbor, MI, with a penchant for primary colors! We at Cultivate ride ourselves in being able to vividly bring out the life in all house plants through our plant products and stylish flower pots. Our branding reflects just as much vibrant life and splendor that you see in your plants every day.”